Making Sure Your Internet Service Provider Provides The Speed You Need

If you are looking for an Internet service provider that offers the fastest speed, it can be quite confusing. You can read reports and reviews of the companies like Reserve Telecommunications, go over the company's literature or even try it out at a friend's house, but until you use it yourself, in your home, you can never be sure of how fast it will run for you. Here is why you need to ask the company for a month trial before signing any long term contracts.

Reports and Reviews

Most Internet service providers offer different speeds and different data amounts to their customers. Some people prefer to have a slower speed to save money. It is also common for people to end up using more than their allotted amount of high speed for the month and having the speed slowed down for the remainder of the month. This is why reviews and reports are not going to tell you if the service is right for you. The slower speeds and lower data allotments are figured into the averages of the company on reports. In addition, people who do not want to pay for higher speeds or more data may complain that the service does not meet their needs.

Company Information

When going over any brochures or documents the company puts out, keep in mind that they use the term "up to" often. They charge you for service with speeds "up to" 20 Mbps but you do not always get that speed. You may hit it during off-peak times, but when everyone in the house is using WiFi for their phones, televisions and computers, you can be sure it is going to slow down. Things will also slow down if everyone in your neighborhood that uses the same provider is online. It is also important to note any usage caps. While you will still be able to access the Internet if you go over your usage allotment for the month, your speed will slow down significantly.

Trying it at a Friend's House

Unless your friend lives next door to you, it is not possible to get accurate information on Internet speeds, even if you are using your own computer. If the service uses anything that requires a line of sight to the towers, your home is going to be situated differently. If the service uses a wired connection, such as a cable, there can still be differences in how the service is carried to your home. In addition, you may have more people in the neighborhood using the same provider and using up the bandwidth.

To be sure that you have the Internet speeds you want, talk to the company about a trial period. You can then evaluate whether you need to pay for more speed and data or if the service is not going to work for you. Hopefully, if the service does not give you what you need, there is another provider available in your area. If not, pay for the highest speed to get you close to where you want to be.

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