Three Major Differences Between Your Residential And Commercial Internet Services

Internet is internet, right? Well, actually, no, because commercial internet service is a quite a bit different from residential internet service. Sure, they both exist and you can use them freely when you are connected, but the way that these services operate and are delivered is different. It is very important that you know and understand these differences so that the internet service you use at work can support everything you need to accomplish at work and not crash. Here are the main differences you should be aware of so that you order and receive the right internet service for your place of employment. 

Much Higher Bandwidths

Your commercial internet has much higher bandwidths to support the volume of customer visits to the company site. It also supports the number of online customer service requests, customer service calls taken and recorded, corrections to customer accounts, and business usage. Even the fastest residential internet service could not effectively support everything your business does in a day on and over the internet. 

Higher Data Processing and Storage

Commercial internet relies on data storage towers and data internet towers to deliver internet service to several computers at once. It has higher data processing and storage so that every tidbit of company info and business conducted on any given day is stored and recorded. You can also choose to store that data offsite, or use Cloud storage in large "gig" files, depending on what kind of service package you have selected. 

Super Firewalls to Protect Proprietary Information

Every company and every business has some heavy duty firewall protection. They do not want to be hacked and lose a lot of proprietary info to hackers. This kind of firewall protection is provided by a commercial internet provider, as well as by the internet security companies. This kind of internet security is not available with residential internet service, since you only need basic protection with a home computer. If you were to use residential service instead of commercial service for your business because you are a small business operating with fewer than ten employees, you will not have the kind of protection you can expect by purchasing and securing commercial service. 

Be Sure to Ask Providers Specifically for Commercial Service

There is a lot of extra equipment and cabling to install where commercial service is concerned. You have to be specific when you call an internet service provider to request new service installation. Otherwise, your technician will show up to install residential service instead of commercial service. 

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