3 Considerations To Make When Investing In A Residential Internet Package

Have you moved to a new home and are looking for a stable internet connection? Real estate advisors say that an internet connection should be on your checklist when renting a house. A reliable internet service plays a big role in a home today. You will work from home sometimes, the kids use it to play online games, and you stream movies and music for entertainment. You also need a secure internet connection for online shopping and banking. What do you consider when buying a residential internet package?

Internet Speed

The flexibility of what you can do with your internet connection depends on the speed. You can only have a smooth video call if the speeds allow it. Otherwise, your video chat will have distorted images and an out-of-sync conversation.

You should choose your bandwidth depending on the number of devices you expect users in the house will connect to the internet. There are computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and appliances connecting to the web. 

For example, the commonly popular 250 Mbps will support web browsing, high-definition video streaming, video calls, and home automation devices. It can support 3-5 users. You should adjust speeds upwards when users and devices increase.


Your home internet services are only helpful if they are reliable. You may have a fast connection that keeps breaking. Downtime lowers productivity when you are working from home and disrupts your entertainment experiences.  

Your Internet Service Provider should be ready to commit to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that forces them to maintain specific levels of reliability. For example, the ISP can commit to an SLA of 95%, meaning you can expect a stable connection 95% of all time. They should have remedial measures when the SLA is broken. 


You can expect to pay more when the speed of your connection goes up. A shared internet connection is cheaper than a dedicated connection. With a shared residential internet package, your connection is shared with other users in your area. The price is affordable but you can expect speeds to slow down during peak periods like evenings when most users are on the net. 

The type of connection also matters. Mobile data plans are more expensive than traditional cable internet. A satellite connection is most expensive but available in remote areas. Initial costs will also depend on your choice of either a wired or wireless network in the home. 

Are you looking for a home internet service that serves your work and domestic needs? Talk to an internet service provider about an internet connection that works for you. 

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