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Two Key Ways That Colocation Helps Your Small Business Grow

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As your small business grows, so does your need for computing resources. Unless you can afford to keep highly-skilled dedicated technical resources on your staff, deciding what your new technical requirements will be is a challenge. Instead of trying to do this yourself, keep your staff focused on the core business areas that make your company successful. Here is how a colocation facility will work with you to support your growth. Determining the Resources That You’ll Need Predicting the need for future technical resources requires an understanding of how your business uses the current resources. This takes time and dedicated staff who know how to collect and interpret the data. The colocation data center has staff trained in performing such tasks as: monitoring your system and application usage and performance collection of usage data at specific intervals tracking events that cause peaks and valleys in usage, such as during the month-end close of the books or a payroll run With this information, a colocation system architect can determine several trends: the average system use and use at peak times the amount of resources each individual uses during those times the impact on the resources when new staff start and are trained From this data, they will also be able to predict: how much additional capacity you’ll need to support the growth you anticipate when you will need the additional capacity With this information, your business will have the additional capacity just when you need it. Making Resources Available When You Need Them The colocation facility also solves another problem with small business growth. You plan on adding additional staff and they will all need desktops or laptops. More people online will require more server hardware. Do you purchase the equipment now and store it until you need it? What if your growth plans change or are delayed? When you use the hardware available at the colocation facility, this problem is solved. Working with the staff monitoring your activity, they will estimate the additional hardware that you’ll need. You’ll have access to it when you need it and you won’t be paying for unused equipment. They can also support you when you have a temporary growth need. For example, a new client project requires you to add twenty more data entry people for three months. The colocation facility will make the necessary adjustments to the hardware during the project, and absorb the capacity back into their facility when the project is over and the temporary staff are gone. Instead of taking your staff’s time away from the business to address these technical issues, work with the colocation facility to make sure you have just what you need, when you want it, to support the next growth phase of your business plan. For more information, visit or a similar...

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Managing A Dedicated Game Server With Colocation

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Online gaming has given many different ways for gamers across the world to connect. Although many of these games are managed by large, central companies with control over the game’s development and day-to-day operations, some games allow a form of multiplayer that gives the players the ability to be in charge. If you’re wondering about running a game server, but don’t know how to get started, consider two major methods for game server management: physical server management and colocation. Physical Server Management Requires Deeper Expertise The do-it-yourself way of managing your own server is to build your own server machine and handle all of the supporting services. Although being self-sufficient sometimes lends itself to being cheaper, there are some costs to consider that may make colocation a better investment. The first and probably most obvious cost is the server hardware. You’ll need to build not just a computer, but a computer that has the right specifications (specs) to support a game server. Many games that allow personal server design will have a list of recommended specs for a certain amount of players, but keep in mind that the requirements can increase. As your game becomes more popular, your computer will need faster resources. More processing speed may be needed to handle even more information coming to and from an increasing number of players, as well as more random access memory (RAM) to deliver this information to the processor quickly. The hardware investment may be worth your time if you plan on making your server an experiment in learning how to maintain every aspect of the server. On top of the hardware, you need to think about the Internet requirements. Internet speeds are not just for you to download or browse the web. There is a lot of information that needs to transfer between the players and your server. If you’re designing a game server to avoid monthly fees, be warned: unless you’re already using an Internet connection fast enough for your game of service, you’ll be increasing your Internet usage and increasing your Internet service costs. Using Colocation To Avoid Service Costs With colocation, you put the hardware, networking and other responsibilities into the hands of a team that already has the proper infrastructure. Colocating your server means sending your files to a dedicated data center that can give you a rented amount of storage and processing space. You’ll be using a virtual machine that can be logged into like a computer from anywhere with Internet access. Instead of building a computer, paying for a faster Internet connection and getting the temperature of your house just right, you only need to pay the subscription cost for your colocation plan of choice. If your game resources demand increases, simply increase your colocation service demand. Get in contact with a colocation  professional to browse different tiers of service that may work well for your game...

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Making Sure Your Internet Service Provider Provides The Speed You Need

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If you are looking for an Internet service provider that offers the fastest speed, it can be quite confusing. You can read reports and reviews of the companies like Reserve Telecommunications, go over the company’s literature or even try it out at a friend’s house, but until you use it yourself, in your home, you can never be sure of how fast it will run for you. Here is why you need to ask the company for a month trial before signing any long term contracts. Reports and Reviews Most Internet service providers offer different speeds and different data amounts to their customers. Some people prefer to have a slower speed to save money. It is also common for people to end up using more than their allotted amount of high speed for the month and having the speed slowed down for the remainder of the month. This is why reviews and reports are not going to tell you if the service is right for you. The slower speeds and lower data allotments are figured into the averages of the company on reports. In addition, people who do not want to pay for higher speeds or more data may complain that the service does not meet their needs. Company Information When going over any brochures or documents the company puts out, keep in mind that they use the term “up to” often. They charge you for service with speeds “up to” 20 Mbps but you do not always get that speed. You may hit it during off-peak times, but when everyone in the house is using WiFi for their phones, televisions and computers, you can be sure it is going to slow down. Things will also slow down if everyone in your neighborhood that uses the same provider is online. It is also important to note any usage caps. While you will still be able to access the Internet if you go over your usage allotment for the month, your speed will slow down significantly. Trying it at a Friend’s House Unless your friend lives next door to you, it is not possible to get accurate information on Internet speeds, even if you are using your own computer. If the service uses anything that requires a line of sight to the towers, your home is going to be situated differently. If the service uses a wired connection, such as a cable, there can still be differences in how the service is carried to your home. In addition, you may have more people in the neighborhood using the same provider and using up the bandwidth. To be sure that you have the Internet speeds you want, talk to the company about a trial period. You can then evaluate whether you need to pay for more speed and data or if the service is not going to work for you. Hopefully, if the service does not give you what you need, there is another provider available in your area. If not, pay for the highest speed to get you close to where you want to...

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Three Pieces of Advice for Selling Your Website

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Many people take inventory of their assets, but don’t even think about the equity that they have within their own website. If you’ve ever considered selling your website, there are a number of factors that you will need to keep in mind. This article will teach you some guidelines about fetching the best price for your website, along with some considerations that you should keep in mind along the way.  Build Your Site while Knowing Its Worth Every Step of the Way The best way to maximize on the value within your website is to start with value in mind from the very beginning. This means that whether you run a fantasy sports website, a medical site, or a politics or gaming page, you will need to be thinking of both short-term and long-term profits from the very beginning. To do this, you will need to keep your target audience in mind and continuously study and observe the market trends within that demographic. Taking these points into account will give you the opportunity to build your site with a strong foundation as you look to monetize it. Map out a plan for every step along the way for the next few years so you are able to hit these fence posts on the way to selling your site. Learn How to Sell Your Site’s Perks to Potential Buyers When it comes to making your site attractive for sale, you will need to know what information to express to potential buyers. There are no hard and fast rules in terms of how much money you can expect, because the market changes swiftly and you can fetch a large price if just one purchaser is willing to buy it. In addition to clearly created graphics that outline profit margins, you will need to get a grasp on expressing your site traffic by clearly outlining how the site performed on a regular basis. This will allow you to compare and contrast with others in your industry. Consider Selling via Auction If you truly want to get the best resale price on your website, you should consider going the auction route. There are plenty of sites that allow you to sell your website via auction and this allows you to get payment quicker while also feeling out the market. It opens the bidding process to a larger pool of buyers, which can ultimately work out in your favor. Consider these three points when it comes to selling your website and you will be well on your way toward navigating the process and getting the best price for your prized domain...

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